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Full guide to the new comic viewing method

Is this your first time using the new comic viewing method introduced with the website?

Don't worry, here you will be able to find a detailed, step-to-step imaged guides to help with your confusion!

So to gain access to view one of the new releases, you will first have to sign up:

You can do that anywhere on this website via the login button on the top right hand corner of your screen, like shown below:

Slide 01.jpg

Clicking on the button will give you three different options, sign in via facebook, sign in via google, and sign up/ sign in via email/password shown below:

choose the one you prefer, easy isn't it?

Slide 02.jpg

After you signed up with one of the options, you are automatically a member of the website! You can edit your name, your profile picture on the

top right of the conrer! Like any other websites!

Now, to get to the member area, you can click on the "NR Member" as shown on the image below, right next to the "Free Content"

Slide 03.jpg

After you do that, you should be able to see a page like below where all new releases are being hosted!

Now, there's a few things you should know:

  • Normally you will have a portal for Viewer plans, and another for Collector Plans, if you can not see the Collector Portal on one of the listed chapters, that means that particular chapter does not offer the Collector Plans, it could be exclusive to Patron members, Loyal Members, etc

  • Each chapter will only be listed for as long as two month, within the period you will be given a long time to download before the portal completely closes, you will get an email when the download opens, and when the portal is about to close, so make sure you list the email as "not spam" to keep updated!

Now, you should be able to easily locate the chapter you want to view, and you can either click on the Viewer Portal, or Get Access Now button right below!

Slide 04.jpg

After you click on the button, you should be taken to a place to purchase your plans, the process should be easy because there's not many plans at all to choose from,

and you could see all the details on each plan written right under

Please note that all plans are One-Off payment which will last for 2 month, nothing additional will be charged, unlike monthly subscriptions

Slide 05.jpg

Now, by clicking on "Select", it should take you to a PayPal payment portal right away!

Slide 06.jpg

After you complete the payment, you will gain access to the plan instantly, if you for some reason, does not receive the plan right away, please let me know via email!

Now with the plan purchased, you can go ahead back to the NR Members page, and enter via portal without an issue!

In there, you should be able to find the full chapter, along with a timer indicating when the download will be open, and some extra benefits you scored!

Slide 07.jpg

Now, Enjoy your chapter!

If you have any issue going through any of this above, please do not hesitate to send me an email and I will try my best to sort it out with you!

Thank you again for supporting FaTerGD Comics!

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