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Donating Height to Goddess Chapter 9: The End of The Beginning English Edition

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The Story Continues...
Getting up rather early after the last day of the experiment
Tom can't not believe,
That the incredible week he has been through,
Is now really, over
Looking at the measuring rod they have been using,
He could not believe how much he has changed in the past few days but
To him, It was all worth it...

With the arrival of Katarina
They finalized the experiment, taking their last measurement they will ever do in this room
And of course, making the most important decision they will ever make:
To claim their height back, or to Donate them to their goddess.
Before collecting their mouth watering paycheck they all have been waiting for
Feeling rather sad while Bill and John happily step out of the apartment,
Tom looked back at all the incredible things he has been through
And hoping, that they will not be washed away by time

But little did he know
That his journey, is far from over...
With more surprises, more discovery, and more adventures!

It contains 283 images
Including Mini-Giantess, Multi-Size, Tall girl, Height Comparison, Growth, Shrink, Throatlift, Foot, Chair crushing, Nudity and more!

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