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Donating Height to Goddess Season 2 Chapter 3: Adapting to the Change English Edition

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The story continues,
Standing side by side, with their mouths wide open,
Myrina and Yang stood a fair distance away from Madison,
Standing back to back against the much bigger Kelsie,
Trying to figure out, just how much she has grown in just a night.

Feeling annoyed at the additional attention towards her,
Madison believed it was absolutely not her growing taller, but their incompetence of performing an accurate measurement yesterday.
But as she turned around towards the much bigger giantess behind,
She couldn't help but notice,
That her eye level seemed to be much higher that it was, just less than 7 hours ago...

Walking towards the measuring rod with the group,
Madison couldn't help but think about the odd dream she had yesterday,
The unreal experiences of receiving donation, becoming bigger, and a taste of power she had never seen before,
Experiences that were too good, or too crazy, to be true.
But as each of the members height were revealed, she started to realize,
That whatever she was being offered in that dream,
Could actually be real.

This chapter contains 232 images
Including Mini-giantess, Height comparison, Multi-size giantess, Growth, and more!

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