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Donating Height to Goddess Season 2 Chapter 5: Base Violence Necessary For Control English Edition

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The story continues,
Gasping as she slowly tilts her head upwards,
Kelsie can not believe what she is seeing with her own eyes.
The woman who was only barely the same height as her with the help of high heels,
Now so tall,
That she's only looking into the pair of ever larger breast she holds.

In the meantime,
Looking down at now much smaller Kelsie, frozen in place,
It appears that the height differences is even larger than what Madison anticipated,
And that makes everything, even more fun for her.

Stepping closer to amplify the already massive size difference,
Madison could not help but tease the shrinking height of the woman,
Who was towering over everyone, including herself, just a few days ago,
Something that she knew would not be taken lightly
But little did she know,
Her action will trigger a chain of events that make her realize,
Just how much more powerful she is to the rest of them,
And that it is finally time, for her to be in charge.

The chapter contains 273 Images
Including Giantess, Mini-Giantess, Height Comparison, Growth, Shrink, Throatlift, Body crush, Leg worship, Face sit and more

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