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Donating Height to Goddess Season 2 Chapter 9: Calm Before the Storm English Edition

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The story continues…
Stepping into the large bedroom after a hot, relaxing shower despite barely fitting into the bathroom,
Madison closed her eyes, moaning as she leaned gently backwards onto the bed frame,
Barely as tall as the height of her bra strap,
Taking a moment to feel just how massive she has gotten in the past few days,
Dwarfing the room that was built to make her already tall frame feel small in comparison when she first arrived.

The bed grunts heavily with the weight of her ever larger body slowly descended on top,
Just holding it together as she carefully lie down on top.
Making herself comfortable despite having both of her legs extending easily over the edge of the mattress,
Madison couldn’t help but relive the incredible day she just had.

Lining her servants up in a row with one taller after another,
Madison stood back to her full height, dwarfing every last of them like they were a toy in front of her,
Before making her way forward, putting down her gigantic heel right next to her servant that were barely the same size in comparison,
Walking easily above on her way to the measuring tape.
Taking her time enjoying just how massive she was every step she took,
It was only the first of many games she had in mind with the rest of them
Filling the day with nothing but utter dominance,
Before the storm arrived on the next day

This chapter contains 329 pages
Including Mini-giantess, Comparison, Footworship, Trample, Growth, Ass Worship, Domination and More

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