The Game of Sex Chapter 3: Thirsty for More English Edition

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The story continues...
The giant lady slowly regains her conscious on her bed, which can now barely contain her massive body,
The sensation remains, even a few hours after being penetrated by the largest she has ever taken before,
And she is thirsty for more...

Believing she's alone, the giant lady moves her hand down and realizes just how wet she still is,
Before the masturbation begins...
Letting out moans after moans, she settles on what she has at the moment, despite it being so much smaller than she had,
before a thundering noise interrupted her moment...
Looking in the direction of the sound, she realizes,
That at the corner of the room sits her Lover, Ashley, having fun with the servant of hers,
And she is larger than ever...
As the thundering moans intensifies, she knows for certain that her gigantic lover is close to her climax,
And she is not going to miss the perfect opportunity...

The next day,
It's still a few hours before the drinking hour begins,
Yet the bar's already getting their first group of customers,
And it's not hard to spot, among them, the giant lady who visited yesterday.
Exchanging warm greetings with the cute bartender,
Jane watches on as she turns around to the shelf, and quietly thinking about the possibly of having a lover the size of her legs...
But that thought didn't last long, as she turns to the twins nearby,
And starts hooking up with them.
Little do they know, that the conversation between them,
Is only a warm up for what's to come - The giantess couple, who's looking for more...

It contains 230 Images
Including Giantess, Mini-giantess, Giantess Futa, Nudity, Sex, Growth, Cum and more...

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