The Hunger Games Chapter 1: Judgement Day English Edition

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The order of the world, kept millions years with balance and peace,
is once day destroyed...
It did not happen here on earth, but rather millions of light years away,
on the planet, of gods and goddesses

By a tiny mistake,
They have unleashed one of the most powerful enemy,
that has been locked away millions of years ago by the elders...

The Goddess of Death

It did not take long at all for her to destroy the entire planet,
every single gods and goddesses crushed under her body,
And we, humans, were the next in line...

And today, we gather to remember this day,
the day when the goddess first land upon our planet.

The Judgment day...

Contains 367 Images
Including Mini-Giantess, Giantess, Mega Giantess, Multi-size, Shrink, Growth, Foot Crush, Vore, Choking, and more...

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