The Hunger Games Chapter 4: The Goddess' Blessings English Edition

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Deep into the silent night, the first day passed away.
After a tired day at the evaluations, most had fallen asleep to obtain their much needed rest...
All, but two...

Noises, or rather moans,
Have been filling up the massive bunk for the boss of the facility,
As Gail, returned to her comfortable size,
Is enjoying some personal, pleasuring moments, gifted by the very contestant she desperately desired...

Much smaller in size, Angelina had been working hard in between Gail's two long legs,
But the pleasure suddenly stopped as she pulls herself out...
Looking up with a evil grin on her face,
What exactly does she have in mind, to make this night even more special?

As Octavia woke up to the blinding light, turned on for the morning,
She struggled getting herself up,
After the events she had been through in just one day...
Little does she know,
That in this place filled with murderers who can not wait to end her journey,
She is about to experience so much more...

It contains 428 Images
Including Giantess, Mini-Giantess, Growth, Vore, Throatlift, Multi-size, Power Difference, Body Crush, Nudity, Fighting, Butt Smothering and more!

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