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The Legend of The Ten Rings Chapter 1: Desire For Power English Edition

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The story begins,
As the sun light pierces through the clean, transparent window, falling onto the warm, comfy blanket covering one woman, Juliana, was still resting comfortably in bed,
She was one of the very lucky few that did not have to push themselves up for another day of exhausting, endless work that almost feel like slavery,
Having the freedom to control her own comfort…
With the wealth she has, in fact, there was simply nothing in the world that she could not acquire
Except one thing she didn't even think she ever wanted…

Watching the mysterious growth pill began circulating in her community,
It took some convincing for the already tall Juliana to decide that,
Being bigger than 6’2 was something that she actually cared enough to have in her life…
But as time went by, with more and more pills in her body,
She had to face the reality that,
For some reason, the magical growth pills simply for some reason,
Would not work on her at all…

Watching her friends growing bigger and bigger, towering over her,
Making fun of her small size.
It was the first time she felt,
The overwhelming need to become bigger,
Bigger than them all…

This chapter has a total of 493 pages
Including mini-giantess, giantess, tall girl, amazon, height comparison, slow growth, shrink, size steal, nudity, face sit, domination, and more!

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