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No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.



The plans are the new way we developed to combat piracy, as the products show up on popular piracy websites just a few days after the release, collecting thousands and thousands of downloads for free. It's a depressing scene for both the loyal (and amazing) customers and ourselves. The new way is slightly more complicated than just pressing the button and buying the chapter, but we believe it is a good way of stopping the theft of intellectual property, and of course giving us more energy to continue developing new chapters!


So instead of simply buying chapters you normally do upon release, you will now have two different plans to choose from: VIEWER and COLLECTOR. Both plans are one-off payment and last 2 months and only available throughout the first month starting from the date of the release, or until the next comic is released.


- NR Viewer -

If you choose to purchase the viewer plan, you will NOT  be able to obtain the digital copy right away, instead, you will have access to a special page on our website where you can view this chapter online (fullscreen viewing is supported). And at 1 month after the release, the digital copy of the chapter will be uploaded onto the same page, and you will have one month to download the copy before your plan expires.

As a viewer plan supporter, you get the lowest price of all at $7.99 (or $12.99), $1-$2 off the price you will have to pay when the chapter is released as a standalone copy (the same time as you get your free copy to download)


- NR Collector -

As a collector, or VIP, you can skip the waiting time and get access to both the special page for viewing the chapter online, and a digital copy of the chapter right away! Other than that, you will also have a chance to get additional perks such as discount voucher, a free chapter (previous or next), and more (see the plan details for more information)!


Here's a short list of steps you can follow if you are doing this the first time:

  1. Sign up, or sign into your account on the website

  2. Select a plan that you like here

  3. Enter the email address of your account

  4. Pay via Paypal and get access instantly!

  5. Check out the NR Member Area for your chapter (and for downloading as a collector)


Since this is a fairly new for both the website host and us, you might encounter some problems, don't worry however, we are here to help!

Simply send us a message via the form below, if you have trouble accessing the pages, viewing the chapter online, processing the payments, or if you simply have some questions regarding to this, don't hesitate to ask!

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