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The Game of Sex Chapter 4: To Each of Their Own English Edition

Hi everyone! Now I'm glad to announce that The fourth chapter of the first ever futa comic series - The Game of Sex Chapter 4: To Each of Their Own English Edition is now ONLINE! Please note that we are trialing the new way of viewing chapters, so the purchase method will be slight bit different than before, to know more about this, please visit: FaTerGD Official Website Blog Post Click here to Purchase Here is the description: The story continues... As Fiona slowly regains her conscious after being knocked out by Ashley's cum With every memory of what happened in the past hour still vivid, The only thing she wants to do, Is to get out... But it wasn't long before she realizes, That she is not even on the ground... Chained to the lights on the ceiling, she's hung dozens of feet in the air... Panicked, she tries with all her strength to free herself from the chains, But nothing is working... She screams from the bottom of her lungs, hoping that it could be heard... It indeed did, but not from someone hoped for... ================================================================================= Meanwhile, Mary and Fiona's sister steps into the massive master bathroom of hers, Trying to locate the thing she desperately need... As Mary walks to the sink alone, the small sister is using every second she got to inspect every single thing she could find. Soon, a voice came from behind as Mary indicates that she has located the item... Turns around in excitement, Fiona's sister did not expect what she is seeing... With her clothes gone, strap's on, Mary is ready... For some fun of her own... The chapter contains 227 images Including Giantess, Giantess Futa, Nudity, Growth, Vagina Vore, Cum, Chains, Sex and More... For other products Please visit: FaTerGD Giantess Comic Shop To view the latest sales and news, please visit: FaTerGD Giantess Official Website Deviantart Page for FaTerGD Hope you enjoy! Coming next - Donating Height to Goddess Chapter 4! FaTerGD

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