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The New Official Website is now ONLINE!

As some of you might already know from "Christmas, New Year, and What's to Come in 2019!" I posted on my DA almost a month ago, I have been working on a brand new website to replace the old, outdated website, with embed store, up-to-date collections of all my free comics, etc. Now I'm glad to announce, just a day before the release of The Game of S Chapter 4, that the website is now ONLINE! Remember now that the official website is now at:! I will still keep the old website with the old domain running for at least half a year as a backup in case of any issues on the new website, but aside from the new release blog posts, I don't think it will be updated anymore - consider it... discontinued? I will soon make a few updates to link the old website to the new store page so you guys can jump straight from the old to the new! And now, let's have a look at the new features we have, or will have, on the new website! All Collections of Free, Legacy Comics are now up for viewing!: Couldn't find where the first chapter of Giantess Family is on my DA? or too bothered to click on each image then hit the back button so you can go to another? You can now see ALL of the free comics I have ever made on my website in a pretty looking gallery that is rather easy to find! Check out the Free Contents Here!

We are officially switching over from e-junkie to the store on the new official website! You can access it directly here! You do not need a login to purchase anything, as long as you make sure the email address you enter at the check out is correct, so the order won't be lost! Currently it only still supports paypal payments, but I'm planning on adding visa check out via stripe and even alipay in the future! The e-junkie store will remain open for another few month, until everything appears normal on the new store and I will happily switch over! The email for any download issues will still be the same email as before, so If you run into any trouble, make sure you let me know! And also since the limitation of products are now removed, you should be able to find all the old things that disappeared in e-junkie store, such as the collection for The Jewelry, back in store for purchase! New Chapter Release Method: Starting from the next comic release - The Game of Sex Chapter 4, we will be trialing a new way of purchase - read - download in an attempt to combat piracy we have been suffering from throughout the past year, it might be a slight bit more complicated than the old "Buy - Download - Read" method we had ever since my first comic series, but I will try my best to help you all during the transition!

  • What has changed?: From now on, instead of obtaining a zip file containing the images of the chapter, usually up to 500 MB large which takes a long time to download and has a chance of package corruption, you are now instead presented a portal to view the chapter online, with each images load in real time! After a certain period, you will receive an email notifying you that the download is now open, and you can download the digital file for the entire month, before the entire portal closes and normal store opens.

  • How do we use the new method?:To make sure everyone can have a smooth transition, I have released a detailed, step by step image guide on how to purchase the new releases, you can use this link or accessing it directly at the bottom of the page on the website next to the email subscription. If you have any questions or any issues on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me at once!

To make sure you won't be to troubled to do the steps in the method, I would quietly recommend you to sign up on the website before the release, so you can skip the annoying sign up process, and move straight to payment! Coming Soon to the Website: Now, there is one big thing I couldn't get it done in time - My Giant Life Pages, my apologies it has taken longer than I thought it would, but rest assured I will be working day and night to get it out before the end of next week, and we will have a very beautiful gallery and information center for all the giant girls out there! Stay tuned! And to celebrate the website's opening: Anyone who purchases at the store for the next 7 days will get an instant 20% off their price! Time to start shopping now! That's all for now! Stay tuned for tomorrow's The Game of Sex Chapter 4 release! Love you all! All comments are welcomed! FaTerGD

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