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Donating Height to Goddess Chapter 5 is Now Online!

Hi everyone! Now I'm glad to announce that The next chapter of my first collaboration series - Donating Height to Goddess Chapter 5: Above and Beyond English Edition is now ONLINE! Click here to Purchase Here is the description: The Story Continues... Every morning, the four of the participants wake up to their new bodies, One inch smaller, three inches bigger, Something they have gotten used to throughout the experiment... As they move closer and closer to the end, They were not expecting, any more surprises, Until the moment Kate's massive frame descends upon them... Watching Bill and Kate standing side by side, it is rather clear to Tom, that Kate, their goddess, grew way more than just mere three inches, And they lost more than just one last night... They simply can not process the fact, that Bill, once somewhat a below average height man, now standing barely as tall as Kate's belly... As Kate places her hand on Bill's head, mocking just how small he looks in front of her, Tom knows, that this day will be tougher than ever... But he has no idea, That his goddess is ready to take things... To the next level... It contains 220 Images Including Giantess, Mini-Giantess, Tall Girl, Growth, Foot Worship, Car crush, Tease, Height Comparison and more! For other products Please visit: FaTerGD Giantess Comic Shop To view the latest sales and news, please visit: FaTerGD Giantess Official Website Deviantart Page for FaTerGD FaTerGD Official Patreon Page Hope you enjoy! Coming next - The Phoenix Initiative - Prologue FaTerGD

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