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The Phoenix Initiative - Prologue Coming Soon! Exclusive Viewing Opens!

Hello everyone!

As you may all know, I started a huge collaboration project with an amazing writer known for his works in giantess and super strength fields - papayoya, and I'm honored to be illustrating his novel - The Phoenix Initiative!

The first chapter is near its completion, adapted from the chapter: The Phoenix Initiative - Prologue, here is some preview images for you!

For those of you who's MGL & Comics Founders on my patreon, you should be able to access the chapter online in NR member section of my website!

And for those of you who's on MGL & Comic sponsors, you will be able to access the online viewing in just 3 more days! Stay tuned! And for the rest of you, it is not too late to pledge to see the chapter earlier than anyone else!

Stay tuned and hope you enjoy!


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