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Donating Height to Goddess Chapter 7: The Game Night English Edition

Hi everyone! Now I'm glad to announce that The next chapter of my first collaboration series - Donating Height to Goddess Chapter 7: The Game Night English Edition is now ONLINE! Click here to Purchase Here is the description: The Story Continues... The clock's ticking as the room has gone into a complete silence, Standing next to his goddess, Tom could not resist the temptation to compare his height against her in her new boots But he knows, such action is something that would be frowned upon... Luckily, she seems rather occupied at the moment, By the things that are unfolding in front of her... Frozen at where he was, Bill could not believe, That his eyes would ever be at the same level as a woman's crouch, And it's not because of his shrinking body throughout the experiment, Because in front of him, are a new goddess, that easily towers over the hanging ceiling of the living room... As Goddess kate instructs everyone to move to the dining area to have some fun time before the night, John takes his chances as decides to walk right next to where Goddess' Sienna is standing, So he can see just how tall he is compare to her, And the result, was rather disappointing... Standing as tall as he could, he realizes that he can barely match with the length of Goddess Sienna's long legs, Not to say reaching anything above... But little did he know, That the game night, has just started... And there will be many more comparison, that he will have no choice but to do... It contains 280 images Including Mini-Giantess, Tall girl, Height Comparison, Growth, Butt Expansion, Breast Expansion, Humiliation, Throatlift and more For other products Please visit: FaTerGD Giantess Comic Shop To view the latest sales and news, please visit: FaTerGD Giantess Official Website Deviantart Page for FaTerGD FaTerGD Official Patreon Page Hope you enjoy! Coming next - Donating Height to Goddess Chapter 8 FaTerGD

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