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FaTerGD is RETURNING in July!!

Hey everyone!

A massive massive good news for all of us! Today, after more than half a year, I have finally been cleared of my visa issues and given the green light to continue working on my paid series!! Horraaay!

That means, July will be the first month of this year that I do not have to pause my Patreon and I will begin working on the next chapters of my series right when you are reading this!

It is going to take awhile before I can fully get back to the level I was posting before, however, because I usually makes a buffer of images that I can release in case of me slacking off and there is nothing left after this long 6 month of waiting!

So a quick preview of what I will be doing:

Coming in from where we left off, we will be seeing the new chapter of The Game of Sex in July, as well as resuming My Giant Life series on Patreon (we will also have a new character coming in!). After that, I plan on working for the new season of Donating Height for Goddess, as well as my personal favorite - The Hunger Games. (I will also aim to finish The Goddess' season sometime this year, however I have not acquired enough inspiration yet to continue right away, so I'm putting it aside for a tiny bit before I get back to it)

I will also be possibly making some changes to the Patreon system, and my official website, I heard many people are also switching to Slushe so I will create an account there to post some things that isn't allowed here on DA. I will let you guys know more when that happens!


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