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Lauren - First Patreon Exclusive Character for My Giant Life - Coming Soon in July!

Hello everyone!

As we are heading close to July, let's have a sneak peak at the first new addition (Out of 2) to the My Giant Life world since a long, long time - Lauren!

She's (REALLY) tall, she's (REALLY) hot, and most importantly, she's (REALLY) naked and she will make you drop!

Just a little more info about her:

  • She will be the first NSFW oriented character in the series, which means she will be doing a lot of hot steamy action with her little friends

  • She will also be the first Patreon exclusive character (Well you know, DA aren't really a good place to post NSFW things anymore so...) so sign up in July to see her in action!

  • She will be updated ALONGSIDE the rest (so if you are in the patreon exclusive tier, you will see both her and one of the other girls almost every day!)

  • She will be my first try in creating an "choose your next adventure" environment, unlike the other girls, you will be able to vote for what you want to see for the next client she is about to see

Her profile will drop on the website, DA and Patreon on July 1st, so set a date in your calendar!

Meanwhile, watch out for the first teaser of the Game of Sex chapter 5 coming in the next few days!


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