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DHTG Season 2 Chapter 2: The Power You Desire is now ONLINE!

Hi everyone!

Now I'm glad to announce that

The second chapter of the Donating Height to Goddess Season 2: The Power You Desire English Edition

is now ONLINE!

Here is the description:

The story continues,

Frozen in front of the much bigger, Goddess Kate,

Madison is astounded,

Not because of her size,

which easily towering her even when she sits on the couch,

Nor because of all the other participants standing around the room, motionless,

Almost like they were magically possessed by something, or someone

It was because of what she said to her.

Being offered to become a goddess,

Madison is having a hard time trying to understand what that really means,

The confusion soon turns into laughters,

As she refuses to believe the power, the abilities she is describing.

And the Goddess did not like that.

What is she going to do,

To not only convince Madison that everything she said exists,

To turn on Madison's inner desire,

And of course, to have a little bit of fun herself?

And what is Madison going to do,

When she realizes, that anything is possible?

The chapter contains 229 images

Including giantess, mini-giantess, growth, shrink, breast expansion, butt expansion, breast shrink, butt

shrink, size comparison, and more!

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Hope you enjoy!

Coming next -

The Game of Sex Chapter 6




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