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Donating Height to Goddess Season 2 Chapter 1 is now ONLINE!

Hi everyone!

Now I'm glad to announce that

The first chapter of the Donating Height to Goddess Season 2: A New Beginning English Edition

is now ONLINE!

Here is the description:

The story begins, again

On just a regular day, a day Madison not looking forward to live through.

Getting up from her extra long bed, she yawned as she begun her daily routine.

Shower, dress up, breakfast, she only needed 30 minutes before she make her way to her boring job...

Being as she described as "really fucking tall", she did not enjoy all the unwarranted attention and staring from her customers...

And that does not mix well with her explosive personality as she goes into conflict almost every single day.

But today, something different happened...

A short guy showed up in the middle of the day, making a simple order before disappearing a minute later...

Leaving an advertisement on the table, offering 30 thousand dollars to participate in an experiment.

Eager for some changes, she did not hesitate before quitting her awful job...

And start the beginning of a new adventure.

Little does she know,

That this decision, is going to change her life, forever.

It contains 219 Images

Including giantess, mini-giantess, multi-size, size comparison and more!

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Hope you enjoy!

Coming next -

DHTG Season 2 Chapter 2




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