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Donating Height to Goddess Season 2 Chapter 10: A Goddess is Born is now in store!

Hi everyone!

Now I'm glad to announce that

The next installation of the most popular series I have ever created, the second last chapter of the season - Donating Height to Goddess Season 2 Chapter 10: A Goddess Is Born

is now ONLINE!

Here is the description:

The story continues…

Looking into the eyes of nothing but a giantess in front of her,

It was the last thing Madison was expecting as Daisy stood up to her full height,

Nearly a slight bit taller than Madison with the help of her golden heels.

Shocked, frozen at her place, her pupils dilated as this was the first time since the third day of the experiment,

Where someone had the size to challenge her,

And as unprepared as she was for the surprise reveal, she now had to do whatever it takes

To defend her throne, and her title as the goddess in front of everyone

But little did she know,

As she challenged Daisy to a back to back, without each of their heels,

That it was the beginning of the biggest rollercoaster ride she’s gone through in her life,

And she has absolutely no idea, that at the end of the day,

A goddess will be born…

This chapter contains a total of 489 pages

Including Mini-giantess, giantess, growth, shrink, handheld, breast crush, foot crush, humiliation, throat lift, and more!

Thank you, and I hope you all enjoy!

Coming next -

Donating Height to Goddess Season 2 Chapter 11 (Already updating weekly on Patreon, check it out right now!)




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