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Donating Height to Goddess Season 2 Chapter 11 - The Beginning of Something Special

Hi everyone!

Now I'm glad to announce that

The final chapter of the season of the most popular series I have ever created - Donating Height to Goddess Season 2 Chapter 11: The Beginning of Something Special

is now ONLINE!

Here is the description:

The story continues…

Pushing herself slowly up from what’s left of her bed, crumbling completely under the enormous weight of her body,

Madison took a long moment to gather herself,

With the memory of everything that had happened the day before still vivid in her memory, yet the events so crazy, so unbelievable, that it all felt like a dream…

Pushing herself quickly off the ground,

Madison almost instantly crashed into the ceiling with her body simply too large to be able to stand fully upright anymore,

Something that gave her a sigh of relief as she realized the height, the power she discovered that the goddess has given…

Was all real afterall…

Letting out a sigh of relief, it wasn’t the only thing she remembered,

Making her just a little nervous with the deal she made in exchange with the powerful goddess,

Who could so easily turn her into the size of dust in just a flick of her fingers,

The deal that would put her front and center on the last day in the experiment, with a task that almost seemed impossible to complete…

To convert every last of the participants, to make them donate their height to her.

With the ability to grow, shrink herself and anyone else around her,

She was more than confident, that she would pull it off,

And put on the best show ever

But just what strategy did she have in mind, to break through each and every last of them, to get them to willingly give their height away?

And what would happen, when it is all over, when it is only her and the goddess, Daisy, left in this room?

The final chapter of the season contains 562 Pages

Including Giantess, Mini-Giantess, Domination, Growth, Height Comparison, Mouth play, Ass Sit, Insertion, Nudity and so much more!

Thank you, and I hope you all enjoy!

Coming next -

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