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Looking into 2021

Hello everyone! It's been a long time since i wrote a journal, but I think a New Year is a good time to do one... So first of all, happy new year to all of you! And boy oh boy, I believe every one of you have gone through a crazy 2020, and for me, aside from the bushfire, covid and everything, it was certainly a roller coaster starting from losing my ability to work and produce paid comic for half a year, returning half a year later and a bunch of other things like having to replace my hardware for faulty CPU, reinstalling windows and nearly losing my data, financial difficulties, mental health, etc. But hey, I am still around despite all the delays and silence, and if you are reading this, you have made it through as well, congratulations! Looking into a brand new year, i think this is the perfect time to let you guys know what I have in plans for my productions and my comic series, and how everything is going forward. Firstly, it looks like the work issues are completely solved, so I won't disappear for a long time again and will be working on new comics after new comics! Currently, I am still working on The Game of Sex Chapter 6 alongside the Bryanna's story chapter 2, which is currently being updated (with delays here and there) on my Patreon. Both of them should be completed by the end of January, or in February, and after that, I am certainly going to continue working on the following:

  • Completing The Game of Sex Season 1: Now, I am not certain how many chapters there will still be before we wrap up the first season of the game of sex, if we were to use the good old 9 chapters per season, then there will be 2 more chapters to go. After the season is done, I will need to take a short break from the series before continuing on the second season, if you guys wants to see more

  • Completing DHTG Season 2: This is certainly one of my goal for 2021, as DHTG remained the most popular comic series I have ever produced, as well as me already having some ideas for season 3, I can't wait to complete the story, with a ton of turns and twists for sure

  • Continuing The Hunger Games Season 1: Due to the shear size of this series, I really don't know if I will be able to complete it, considering each chapter here takes me 2 month to produce, and it is only going to get harder as we get close to the actual "game", with a ton of actions come tons of time to make them But I am looking to complete this series as soon as I could, as it is part of my plan to form my little universe that could link many of my series together

  • My Giant Life - Series: after trying out my giant life's series with Bryanna's first chapter, I have to say I really prefer this over the individual images that I have been making in the past few years. Why? Well, it is mostly because a series come as a flow, as events unfold, whereas for individual images, it is easy to lose the concept of the whole scene and make things look... boring i guess. So what is going to happen, is that I will be slowly phasing out individual images for my giant life, and treating them more like "random casual images" rather than sets of 70 or more images. Instead I will be concurrently producing My giant life series alongside my other contents, like what I am currently doing with Bryanna, and release them first on Patreon and then, release on DA for free.

  • That means you will most likely see chapters of individual stories from basically all of my giant life girls, and they might even cross path with each others or introduce new ones along the day!

These are the things I have confirmed so far, I know a lot of you are wondering about a few other comic series, and if you are going to see them, so I will just list them down below:

  • The Giantess Family: Honestly, the reason why the next chapter hasn't showed up yet, was because I was waiting for a certain character to show up, before she shows up in the series next chapter (Feel free to guess who she is ), so this is certainly going to happen sometime in 2021, although it is going to be like the my giant life series, produced concurrent to the others

  • The Phoenix Initiative: I know a lot of you were asking when you will be able to see the other girls from this amazing novel, to be honest, I am not too certain when it will happen, as this is not a novel I created, I will have to have a chat with the author on how it would proceed... I will definitely let you know when that happens!

  • The Goddess: Frankly, there is only one chapter left for this series' first season, I did not complete it last year because of the lack of thoughts on its ending, but I believe I am slowly getting a handle on how it should end, and how it could open for more in the future. There's one problem however, the original files seemed to be messed up from my reinstallment, so that will be a lot of work to try and recover (I have faith!)

  • The Size Theft, and Jessica and the Others: Unfortunately I currently don't have a solid plan on them, but it doesn't mean I have discontinued the series! I am possibly looking into a remake for the Size Theft, considering the comic was well received but the models are extremely outdated (as well as the graphics), and because not many chapters have been done compare to the others, it is at a good spot for a redo. Would you be interested in that? Let me know down below!

  • New comics: currently I am focusing on completing my old works, but there is a few ideas that have been thrown around and I do think I would love to create one in particular, called Altered Reality, inspired by the good old masterpiece inception and I will definitely let you know more when the plan is becoming solid

Anyways, that is definitely enough text for the day. A massive thank you to all of you who have been supporting me and my work, even during this difficult time and I really appreciate it! I wish you all a great 2021 and, Happy New Year! FaTerGD



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