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Special Growth Treatment - A Blender Animation Out NOW!

Finally, after a whole three weeks of development from the start of the simple idea of growing out of clothes to setting up the stage, animating a good minute and 40 seconds with thousands of frames and a total of 12 different camera shots, Special Growth Treatment, the second short animation have ever made, is finally ready!

It has been an incredible journey producing this short, I have learnt way more than I thought I would on pretty much everything I could imagine, getting more and more experienced at animating interactions, destruction, cinematic, sound effects, and of course, growth and bursting out of clothes! I initially aimed to have this short released by the end of February but as I got closer to the end of that month, I realized it is better if I delay the animation by just a little to get them up to my liking and standard, and now I am really happy with the outcome and so blessed to be able to share my work with you all!

Alright, no more speeches, Special Growth Treatment - A Blender Animation, down below in both 4K and HD, best with sound on:

I hope you all enjoy!



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