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The Hunger Games Chapter 6: The Conflict Within Is Now Online!

Hi everyone!

Now I'm glad to announce that

The next chapter of the biggest comic series I have ever made - The Hunger Games Chapter 6: The Conflict Within

is now ONLINE!

Here is the description:

The story continues…

Screaming in pure agony, Octavia’s vision blurred just a few seconds after taking every last drop of the mysterious liquid gifted in the box…

Before it completely blacked out.

The pain was excruciating, it felt like she was slowly burning away from the inside,

And a few seconds later, it all suddenly vanished into nothingness.

Hearing absolutely nothing but her own voice, Octavia re-opened her eyes,

Just to look into nothing, but blinding whites.

With the room she was in just a few seconds ago, completely disappeared.

Making her way up from the ground, shouting into the void,

She hoped that the woman who was treating her could come to her rescue,

But instead, it was one much bigger, more powerful and certainly more sinister,

That appeared right behind…

Meanwhile in the dorm for the winners of the Goddess’ blessings,

Isabella and her Queen, Angelina, seemed to have certainly made good use of their newfound size and power,

Recruiting other contestants, barely able to reach up to their thighs, as their slaves serving them to their likings.

As the clock ticked ever closer to the start of the game,

Having some servants cleaning up the floor was simply no longer good enough for them,

As they wanted so much more power, and so much more fun,

And they know, exactly how to get it…

It contains 444 4K images

Including Giantess, Mini-giantess, Multi-size Giantess, Growth, Handheld, Breast crush, Body crush, Throatlift, Hand crush and more

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Hope you enjoy!

Coming next -

DHTG Season 2 Chapter 6




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